As a follow-up to our article from last week, here is more information on a woman who worked as a stripper in a Denver nightclub and is suing her former employer who owns clubs around the country. This Denver stripper is claiming systematic labor violations including denial of wages.

Stripper sues U.S. club owner

Georgina Santich said in a complaint filed on Friday in Colorado District Court that she was paid only tips, had to pay fees out of her tips to dance in the club, and had to buy drinking water from the club and pay for mandatory services like valet parking.

The complaint named PT’s Showclub, the Denver club where Santich worked, and the club’s owner VCG Holding Corp, which also owns clubs in seven other states, as defendants.

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In the 1950s, Strippers took CU campus by storm

Although it might surprise people today, several male University of Colorado students in the 1950s frequented strip clubs in Denver. Some of the students even took their dates. And, once, a stripper name Tempest Storm visited the CU campus.


The then 27-year-old burlesque queen’s January 1955 arrival was well-covered by the Camera. All she took off was her mink coat, but she nearly started a riot that culminated in a broken door casing on the new student union building (University Memorial Center).

Storm was born in Eastman, Ga., as Annie Banks. In the late 1940s, she moved to Los Angeles, where she started a career as a chorus line dancer. With an extremely well-endowed figure and flaming red hair, she quickly advanced to shedding her clothes on stage and legally changed her name.

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