The stripper’s tax return

A woman has told how she started stripping to fund an unpaid internship when she was a student and went on to earn nearly $80,000 a year.

Sayoni Nyakoon, who at the time was studying for her undergraduate degree in Denver, Colorado, first got into the business when she took it up as a summer job aged 20. Sayoni was motivated by money – taking home an average of $400 per night before tax for working six hour days, four times a week – she wrote on Financial Diet.

To put all the clichés and myths to rest, to let you hear it from the horse’s mouth — or the stripper’s tax return — let’s throw numbers around.

I would earn $76,800 dollars a year — before taxes — if I worked for six hours a day, four days out of the week, and averaged $400 each night.

‘Why become a stripper? An easy answer is: Money…At age 19, I started my undergrad at the University of Colorado, and found it difficult to balance working even just twelve hours a week and maintain decent grades.

‘Then, I turned 20, and was offered an unpaid internship with the Colorado Department of Education. I realized that if I accepted the offer, I would risk my financial security and independence. Later that summer, I became a stripper,’ she wrote.

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Carmelo’s baby momma a stripper?

TMZ reported that Carmelo had knocked up a stripper around 24 hours after the news of the forward’s marital split became public. The site says that “the other woman often works at a gentleman’s club in NYC.” Though Fameolous’ report contradicts TMZ saying that Mia works as a social worker, not a dancer. Their report adds that since the news of her relationship with Carmelo became public, Mia has moved to North Carolina.

Since the news of Carmelo’s alleged infidelity emerged, Mia has deleted her Facebook page and switched her Instagram to private. Though in one Instagram post seen by, Mia is shown to know civil rights icon and comedian Dick Gregory.

Mia wants Carmelo to “kick in” for the baby’s costs, including medical bills, according to TMZ. While Fameolous reports that since becoming pregnant, Mia has been open about motherhood and has been texting photos of her sonogram to friends.

ACM Awards with Stripper-cowboys

Bryan and Bentley are co-hosting the show for a second year, and joked about doing Vegas activities leading up to the awards show, even showing photos of them dressed as stripper-cowboys.

Bryan even joked days ahead that the ACM Awards would unite Democrats and Republicans.

“Democrats and Republicans are going to get along on Sunday night. They’re all going to watch the ACMs together and stuff’s going to start happening in this country. It’s going to change,” Bryan said in an interview with The Associated Press. “Cats and dogs are going to make out.”